Site News – 2

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Did some major work today… I think it was major!
After a lot of reading and trial-and-error, I finally got all my pages up to the w3c standards. Who knew they would be so picky?! I’m not sure if it was worth the time and effort, but I think it was a decent learning experience.
And I think I just introduced a bug into my script, but since I’m tired of this I’ll leave the fix for another day.

I also updated all the different resume formats and I added a new background to the wallpapers section.
I noticed that most of my backgrounds are coming from the same place, not because they have a really good source of wallpaper artwork. I think it’s mostly because I go there to check out KDE eye-candy and I run into a good background every now and then. (that was my rant of the day)

Site News – 1

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Finally commited some major changes to the website. I decided to make the site a bit less minimalist,
so there are some changes in the overall look and feel.
More importantly, the site is now dynamic. Thanks to perl I now have one script that does the parsing
and displaying of all the pages. It took me a while to get it just right and I still don’t have the perfect look that I was after, but I’m tired of HTML now…. I think I’ll go and code !

And since I’m running out of room on the server, I can’t put any more images up on the site for a while.
I’m looking for a way around that.. but for now, no more images.

Tweaking Site

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I just found out how to enable PHP and Perl support on the server!
So now I’m working on a dynamic version of the site, and that means the content will not be accessible for a while.

Site Update

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Decided to add a site news section. Also updated some of the project pages.
I’m thinking of adding a new section for desktop related items. ( read : screenshots!)