Gangs of New York

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So I got bored with my older background, and I put a new one up.

I watched “Gangs of New York”, and as interesting as it was only the last part of the movie where the riots happen got me thinking. The involvement of the army in putting down riots…. like many other instances of the same thing happening.
There’s no special signifance in my “breakthrough”, just got me thinking. When the Communist state uses the army, it’s in the interest of the people and they’re squashing counter-revolutionary elements. When it’s the Western government (i.e Western Democracies) that do this, it’s in the name of protecting the people (or businesses) from Anarchists elements, or young hoodlooms, or leftists, or hippies, or whatever the flavor of the month is. And the Fascist regimes do it without much explanation. So there’s a dillemma… Does this not mean that the government has turned into a separate entity? One that pursues its own interests!

New Schedule

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I put up my fall schedule in the schedule section. I’m still looking to add a few more courses in there, maybe Quantum Information… but that requires some begging.
As for my projects , I’ve been working on a new app to convert audio tapes into digital audio (mp3 or ogg vorbis) but progess has been slow. I’m having some problems designing the front end in KDE/Qt toolkit. Any help on resources would be appreciated. (not that many people visit this page regularly!!)

On another note, Yesterday was an amazing day spent at Gatineau park… I’m still enjoying yesterday’s euphoria today. I couldn’t have asked for a better day out in nature, and it wasn’t nature that made yesterday great!!

The Fix

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Well, I’m off to Montreal tomorrow afternoon. My friends’ movie, The Fix, is screening in a film festival there, and we’re off to see this masterpiece. Word on the street has it, I played a role in that movie… I’ve yet to verify the claims!
Other than that, everything else is pretty much the same: Days are getting warmer, camping season is fast approaching and I’m still not a productive member of society!

By the way, I modified the links page… so if you feel like surfing , check out the new links.