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It’s been a very quiet 2 weeks.. I’ve gotten into the habit of playing soccer and it’s probably helping with my sanity! School is closing in really fast and I still haven’t gotten my project to an acceptable state. I’m thinking I’m gonna go insance around Wednesday and finish it in 2 weeks! But that’s all speculation !!

The 12 hours that I spent outside yesterday were really amazing. Astonishing .. or a similar word would describe it better! It went so well that I think leaving in September will be harder because of it.

And I’ve noticed that I talk too much and don’t act enought, I should see a doctor about that. Maybe even get it fixed!

A trip to the art gallery

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Who would’ve thought looking at 17th and 18th century French paintings could be so interesting! Well, I did… to some extent.
But it was more than I thought. It was a nice recap of French history for me, along with some spectacular works of art. It’s an interesting feeling when you look at these works and try and imagine life as the artists tried to depict them.
It’s intereting how the rich and famous of pre-revolution France lived and a quick comparion to how the rich and famous in our society live. There are a lot of parallels, and I sure hope there are more parallels when it comes to how they were overthrown! So, on an early note : Happy Bastille Day!


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Again, a new background! But I have to say, this one had to be put up… it’s an amazing piece of art.

The conjoined twins that were undergoing an operation to seperate, died. It’s very sad, but what’s more striking is how determined they must have been to undergo the operation. It’s extremely brave, to try something, where the chances of either of them surviving were slim. And watching their last press conference is very moving, they were both so cheered up and all smiles.
Maybe we all trust modern medicine a little too much.