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bikes man, the city of toronto is alive. and it has a surprise for you every where. here’s a building (could have been a store at some point) I stumbled across on Queen st.

despite what I’ve said over and over, this city is interesting. I’m beginning to like it. the parts where every street has its own character and the people will stop to talk to you.


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yesterday we all gave each other a collective “pat on the back”! the administration put a disinterested effort. they congratulated us for spending countless hours working on make-believe projects, and ridiculous sums of money on non-existent – or grossly lacking – services.

well done lads!

NOTE:this post was written at the said date, but I’m posting it a week later.


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My coffee pot no, I haven’t been drinking too much coffee, but my new hobby is extremely fun! grinding the beans, waiting around for the coffee to brew and the taste…… this way of making coffee is probably wrong, but so far I’ve been putting off going to the one source on coffee-related lore and learning.

Also, there’s some progress in the webpage source area of the projects.


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Imagine this : you’ve set up the BBQ. it starts to rain. no biggie. it then starts to hail. little pebble sized ones. still no biggie (I guess) the stomach wants what the stomach wants. then the hail drops get bigger and bigger.
where I come from, making “kebob” is too important to be put off by a little bit of natural inconvenience! so everything went ahead as planned. holding an umbrella over the BBQ so the skewers wouldn’t get wet. and in the end it turned out to be one of the better meals I’ve had in a while!



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Listening to music that I used to listen to back in my academic days, brings back memories. I remember my chair in that weird room. I remember its blue walls, and the bed; made from a stack of three mattresses. And I remember countless hours spent trying to avoid doing any real work! None of that to worry about now, but I slightly miss it.
Life outside the confines of an academic institution is a little harder than I thought. Less liberating. Living for that long in the artificial environment and having everything dictated to me has had its effect on me…..

I guess it’s all a bit of nostalgia! But as N. says, it’s time to move on!