The Gulf

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“Perhaps according to what the backward intelligentsia and scholars say, “Farsi is is like sugar”, and if the name of this gulf is in Farsi, its waters will be sweetened and if it is Arabic the waters will be soured! The use of nationalism in society is exactly akin to that of religion. The aim of governments in encouraging nationalism and clanism is distracting the minds of the poeple from their real problems. All this commotion is over the use of the name Gulf Of Arabia in parantheses! In the north of Arabia there’s hardly any Farsi spoken, yet there is a large number of Iranian in the south of the country who speak Arabic. In summary, in the ports of islands of this gulf there’s more Arabic spoken. One side of the gulf opens to international waters, two of the other three sides meaning the western and southern sides of it are territories of Arabic countries. For Iranian Intelligetsia, stoning deaths [as a form of punishment], mandatory head covers for women, the problems faced by the youth, etc. are not real issues, but the name of the “Persian Gulf” has brought all of them to a reaction and rallied them all.
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