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For the past 2 or 3 days the western media has been satisfying their macabre obsession with a murder case of a little girl. The news that a possible suspect is arrested has been plastered all over newspapers, and TV. It turns out today that the confessions they got from the guy seem very contradictory with facts. No matter, the brave western media marches on in search of truth. The little girl’s face is on all daily newspapers and everyone is searching for answers.

Meanwhile the death toll in Lebanon hits 1,300 and more than a third are children. Perhaps if the children in Lebanon all had Anglo-Saxon names, and were aspiring beauty queens we would see their photos on the dailies here in the west.

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Another Month

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Another month and the humans have managed to yet again kill each other. There’s nothing new in that, but this time I think I’m seeing more and more how the little people are helpless in fighting injustices committed against them. No one gives a damn. And it’s these kinds of events that trigger in people the need to have some divine power to exist. When the oppressed can’t have justice, that’s when they wish for other-worldly justice to be delivered to their oppressors.