Website work

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I worked on the website a while back and tried to incorporate a database with dynamic scripting, but never got to the final step. I had some problems importing the old data, and I need to fix that. On the other hand, the rest of it very close to being done so I will soon update the site with the changes.

I wanted to add a feature where I could update the site from a script using a mobile phone or something like that, and welcome my site to the “Web 2.0” age. But now that I’m not travelling anymore I don’t know if it’s still needed…. any advice?

Some Links

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I’ve been meaning to put up some links to some interesting websites and weblogs on here, but never had a chance. So here they are, along with some explanations for each one :

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How To Change Jobs

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  1. see the need to change your job
  2. be excited in the euphoria of changing jobs
  3. realize that money is an important fact of life
  4. make your decision
  5. decide against the whole thing
  6. make the jump and hope everything will be ok

In The Airport

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Sitting here at the Minnesota airport, I’ve heard so many people talking “management”. Looks like everyone is a tech manager….

Oops, they’ve just called our plane for boarding I’ll finish the thought tonight (probably).