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So it has come to my attention, that I harbour special feelings for my computer and all computer related work! Well, let me debunk that myth right here, and right now! I’m just as absent-minded and sloppy when it comes to computers as I am about other stuff. My computer has been complaining about my lack of interest in it as of late, but it’s just the tough times that have made me a bit more irregular.

In other news, the summer continues… I grow fatter by the day, and my brain gets duller with every passing hour!

And a good sign of my being busy is the lack of a new wallpaper! If I don’t have time to browse the local wallpaper repositories, then I probably don’t even have time to do productive work my on overpriced calculator!

Even though I can’t wait to get back to school , I’m not enjoying the prospect of leaving Ottawa. And something else that I’m dreading is getting back into the same apathetic campus life that all of us at Waterloo live. Here is a taste of it. I mean, we call ourselves students, and those kids in South Korea call themselves students too! (Or these Iranian Students) I’m not sure what can be done about it, but the more I think about it, the more I realize how impossible it is to change this situation. It seems like we ,on this side of the globe, are fixated on personal profits. My conclusion : conform!