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Here’s my first update in a month or so. Maybe I shouldn’t be riding this whole blog thing too much…

I went and saw one of the best contemporary cartoonists from Iran, Nikahang Kowsar, give a speech. Very interesting talk, and more interesting was to actually meet this person and see what makes people like him go on!

" Born in 1969.He studied geology at the Tehran University,but didn’t finish his masters degree , due to his journalistic activities. He has been working for the press from 1991, starting with GOL AGHA , Iran?s most popular satirical magazine. He started working as an editorial cartoonist for the newspapers at 1993, first with HAMSHAHRI and after that for ZAN, KHORDAD, SOBH-E EMROOZ and 13 others .He was sent to prison for 6 days, because of drawing a cartoon for the AZAD newspaper. His cartoons on international issues have been published by IRAN NEWS & IRAN DAILY."

I added a new wallpaper, it’s very minimalist and nice.