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It’s a month later, and so much has happened. I don’t know where to begin….
Well, exams ended December 18 (well, 19 really) and I was done with yet another term and another set of marks to expect!
I had an amazing time during the break. I almost did all I wanted to do… everything was perfect and I enjoyed every day of the break.
And when I wasn’t having fun, I was geeking it out!!
I watched a very interesting program on String Theory at PBS. And I know I’ve mentioned this to almost everyone I’ve met since, but it’s a very good program that I recommend to anyone interested in science and little bit of philosophy. They look at the whole thing from a very high level perspective.
I’ve become very interested in the topic and I’m going to do some readings on the subject the first chance I get. Unfortunately, there’s always other work that demands immediate attention.

I’m planning on updating the site more freqeuntly and I also have a few changes in mind that I will put in place soon. But for now, this is it. Oh, and I also put my schedule (tentative) up.