Azeri Poetry

Posted: March 9th, 2004 | Author: | No Comments »

I was reading an Azeri poem, and I realized (again) how beautifully the imagery in eastern poetry is used. Each verse is perfectly set, and I can’t help feeling nostalgic with each line I read.

� qara z�lf k? h?r d?m dola?ir ?an?l?r?,

G�st?rir ??q k?m?ndin del? divan?l?r?.

Mehr? roxsar?n? m?nd?n k?sib � mah tamam,

D�?di f�rs?t yen? b�ndan b?l? bigan?l?r?.

- Vah?d

I apologize to the non-Azeri (Turkish) speaking among the readers. I will try and translate it at a later time.