Some Links

Posted: March 27th, 2004 | Author: | No Comments »

I’d been meaning to put these two items on here a while back, but keep forgetting.

In the spirit of the recent wave in documentaries and my (somewhat) interest in them, I ran into a documentary called “Revolution OS”. I guess I must have expected something like this to pop up. This movie is a good look into the Open Source movement and other things relating to it, such as Linux. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the movie is readily available, but the trailer and the song they have on their website is a nice watch!

On a different- yet still geeky- note, I read about an interesting option that is in the works for the user interface of computers. Considering that we live in a 3D world, it would seem like an obvious choice to extend those notions to the desktop world. Well, Sun Microsystems is doing just that. Their project, called Looking Glass is aimed at that. There’s a good movie on their site that shows some of the features of this project (here’s the link).