The Take

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As I sat in the movie theater, it started to occur to me. here we are, sitting in a VIP room, watching a movie about the struggles of people over seas. I sip gourmet coffee that was served by the attendant, and ponder this. the struggles depicted in the movie, are real. the conversations are heartfelt and…. well, it did a lot to constrast the current situation in Argentina to the current situation in “our part of the world”.
how do you find a job in a country where the rich are using their power to squeeze the money and resources out? when a grown man, is brought to tears by a factory owner — who with complete disregard for the humanity of his workers — decides to close up and sell off all the equipment?!
in the developed world we have come to accept these things as realities of the competitive market and just shrug our shoulders when we hear about such things. I was grappling with these thoughts when I looked up at the bus station and all I could see was bright neon signs telling me to buy, use, consume various products and services!!
neon bus stop
I wasn’t even looking at the street… Yonge street was behind me. in front of me was the bus terminal with people going home and busses pulling in, or moving out.. how can you take time to think when you’re attention is constantly being demanded by flashier and brighter “neon” signs.

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