The Contract

Posted: January 17th, 2005 | Author: | No Comments »

We live in a modern society. We have human rights, workers’ rights, and a lot of those social security measures that will hold the fibres of our society together if any of its members fall on hardship. Some of these measures are considered basic human rights. But in reality, we don’t extend these rights to people below a certain class (and nationality). We are after profits, profits, and nothing more. All this can be witnessed within an hour. All you have to do is sit in front of your TV (or computer, in some cases) and watch El Contrato. And it’s not an issue of racism. We don’t have much of that here. It’s a matter of classism. A matter of who you are exploiting. If the oppressed have no outlet for their frustration, and are locked in a cycle to provide for their families all you have to do is push them and they will obey. As the exploitation of migrant workers continues, we remain convinced of our righteousness. Of how correct we are. We are peacekeepers, multi-cultural and human rights advocates.

Oh Canada!