Fairy Tales

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Fairy Tales:
The basis for most children novels and the real reality of our lives. We live most of our lives within ourselves thinking alone or simply watching the world, but always alone. It is also amazing how much of that life is not reality, or to be more specific how all of it is not reality. For if you analyze your own thoughts most of it is based on what you thought you saw or heard and how you interpret it and might or might not have anything to do with truth. As time goes on the more confused and muddled our thoughts become on a specific topic and the details (the realities) become lost in the vastness of our minds and only sometimes re-surface only to haunt us, or in this day and age we see the reality in a personal photo or video.

Thus this brings us to the concept of love. And not necessarily romantic love but rather all types of love. If one was to look at their lives the only moments we escape our own fairy tale is when we indulge in other people’s fantasies. For the thoughts of others are the only place you can not go, so whatever they impart on you is your reality and their fairy tale. Love can then be explained as the reality you prefer to listen to. Your friends and lovers are those whose fairy tales you have made your reality and are most content living within. Hence the reason why love becomes the only pool within which we drown for how much of someone else’s fairy tale can you make into a reality and still expect to float?

So maybe the real question is how much of your fairy tale will you let escape you so that the others may stay afloat in it and from there which “once upon a time”s are you willing to give up? “

— anonymous