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You study for 4 years. Subject yourself to a variety of stress tests.. to see how much your body can handle. Late nights, early mornings… cram sessions.. Endless hours spent peering at a monitor. At first the experiences are too fun, and you don’t have a bigger picture. But what next?
How about a job? no, thank you.
But you’ll be bored at home, and you have to contribute to society! Fine!

Now you’re stuck in a farm of cubicles, peering into many screens. You go in every morning, determined to do something useful. You end up spending your time pointlessly playing around. Pointlessly typing away at your keyboard. So this is what it’s like to be part of society. What happened to all the energy you had, the enthusiasm? As the saying goes…
“bezar dareh koozeh abesho bokhor”
( بذار در کوزه آبشو بخور  ).
These days I try to live my life through other people’s lives. Reading other people’s real experiences on their websites. Watching people live their lives on TV. A while back I was reading about a guy who studied the same thing as myself in university, but got tired of the monotonous life, and opted to be a bike messenger. And by sheer coincidence, I got in touch with another friend who is in south America, going from country to country, and living the hell out of life!

–Viva freedom