Chill Winston!

Posted: September 2nd, 2005 | Author: | No Comments »


Life is moving at a slow pace, in fact it’s crawling! I’ve planned it this way, and I’m loving it. I’m spending a week in Muskoka and have decided to an absolute minimum. Eat, sleep, relax. would be the perfect representation of what I’ve done. I saw that on a T-shirt in one of the stores here. I’ve come to believe that we humnas have made life too complex for our own good. Going to work, coming home to be with your family, and then having converstations with your friends and neighbours over a few pints of beer is what it should be like. But there are so many added layers of abstraction added on top of this that we barely get to this anymore. I normally spend about 1.5 hours in traffic during my commute to and from work. Add to that what the car needs to keep running (yes, that black gold which costs about $1.5 these days), and the fatigue of that commute and your day is done….

There’s much to complain about as usual, but I’m in a good mood and don’t have time for it. Enjoy this picutre of Muskoka and have fun!