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I’ve been meaning to put up some links to some interesting websites and weblogs on here, but never had a chance. So here they are, along with some explanations for each one :

Joost Overview

Joost is a new application/service created by the same team that brought us KaZaa and Skype. So, that’s a good starting point. These guys know their peer-to-peer networking, and have dabbled in data streaming. With Joost they are providing streaming TV using a P2P method, and they are using a licensed approach so they can avoid the lawsuits!
Sounds interesting and I’ve heard a lot of good things but in keeping with other internet new releases like gmail, this application is by invite only. There’s a waiting list, but after 4 weeks of being on it I haven’t heard a thing.

Joost Screenshot

What are you doing?
In the tradition of all web-things useless, comes twitter. This website is a minute-by-minute tracker of people. You can put a blurb of what you’re up to any given moment, much like the blurb sections in msn and google talk. The only difference is that you can see what everyone on twitter is up to!

The Daily Feed
This is a great podcast put out by G4 tv. As some of you know they used to be called tech tv and had a great following of geeks. Well I found them again and for now I’m enjoying the little snippets of news I get from The Daily Feed Podcast

Another podcast. Except this one feeds my games addiction in a good way! Not much else to say, you just have to listen to it