From Montréal to Portland in 2 Hops

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YUL to PDXLast week, I travelled from one side of the continent to the opposite side of it. By all accounts this should be an easy thing. People are travelling this route and longer distances everyday. But a small delay (30 minutes) in the first flight, completely disrupted the plans. What was supposed to be a 10 hour trip, took over 24 hours, and involved a very creative path. What is not obvious in my description is that other delays should be added to the 30 minute delay: waiting to pick up luggage, going through US customs, going through security, etc.

In an age when I can order something online and have it shipped to me from across the world in a couple of days, why can’t I travel with that same efficiency?

Why does it rain when I'm on vacation?! (in a place where it hardly ever rains)

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Why does it rain when I’m on vacation?! (in a place where it hardly ever rains)

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31 Years Ago In Iran

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1979 revolution It was 31 years ago tomorrow that the Iranian Revolution (sometimes called the second revolution) succeeded in sending the Shah of Iran out of the country. Thus began 3 decades in the history of Iran marked by war [1], violence, and hardships. For Iranians of my generation, those times will not be forgotten and for future generations they will be just another chapter in history.

I mentioned all this, to say that tomorrow Iranians are planning to go out and let out a collective scream against the current government and all things that has made daily life hard for them.

Let’s hope all those who go to make their voices heard come back home safe.

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Free Hoder (eventhough he’s kind of a jerk)

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Source: Search Engine

Done with with a touch of humour this piece brings up a few good points. All the more reason more people should subscribe to Search Engine podcasts.

Dear blog

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I haven’t forgotten you, I’ve just been too busy lately.