Waiting For the Smart Watch

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I ordered a pebble watch when it was looking for backers last year. I’ve waited patiently for 8 month, and any day now the watch should be sent. I can’t have google glasses yet, but the watch is a step in the right direction!

Bike Season Is Here

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From Montréal to Portland in 2 Hops

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YUL to PDXLast week, I travelled from one side of the continent to the opposite side of it. By all accounts this should be an easy thing. People are travelling this route and longer distances everyday. But a small delay (30 minutes) in the first flight, completely disrupted the plans. What was supposed to be a 10 hour trip, took over 24 hours, and involved a very creative path. What is not obvious in my description is that other delays should be added to the 30 minute delay: waiting to pick up luggage, going through US customs, going through security, etc.

In an age when I can order something online and have it shipped to me from across the world in a couple of days, why can’t I travel with that same efficiency?


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Links: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Imagine Peace

Festival on the Main

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This weekend, the Main was closed from Sherbrooke to Mont-Royal and was turned into a pedestrian street. All businesses put out their merchandise, or food, or anything else and that part of the city was alive!

While on our way back home we ran into a breakdancing crew doing their thing, so I broke out the Qik camera.

Noteworthy: At around the 3 minute mark, the breaker in green seems to have hurt himself but I never figured out if he actually did.