Mixing politics and art, Canadian style

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Rumi ensemble concert
A while ago, I went to a Iranian classical music concert in Toronto. The event was very well organized and the attendance was impressive. After the usual delay in the start of the show we were informed that the Minister of Immigration was going to open the ceremonies and was running late.

Eventually the Minister walks in, hands the artist a couple of memorabilia (which probably ruined the artists planned entrance at the show) and walks right out.

Here’s what I find odd: In Canada, arts is the domain of the Ministry of Heritage and having the head of the department who has nothing to do with arts (but everything with bringing immigrants into this country) smells of political games. Second, if we assume that the minister was genuinely interested his walking out of the concert hall immediately after presenting the award makes me feel even more like they were just playing to get the immigrant vote.

As if to prove my point, the same minister is on a media blitz promoting any art form that has an audience of immigrants.

Note:I wrote the post at the start of September, but never got around to posting it. The timing of the various appearances makes more sense back in September.

On Current Canadian Politics

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In the past few months since the brouhaha in parliament ended, and the parliament came back to resume its normal business there has been a distinct absence of something. I realized this the other day when I heard a news report about our Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Trade traveling to Afghanistan. I realized that the ruling government of Canada has not been in the media since much.

It’s no secret that Stephen Harper, and his government are not fans of the media and like to put out propaganda more than informing the public. But at some point the duty of the elected representative is to inform the public. We elected these guys (albeit with a 34% majority!) to rule, and it is their job to tell us what they are doing. Ruling in secrecy is something we like to think the other governments do, but apparently we are very good at it!

So when are these guys going to start being transparent?

A New Anthem For Canada

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Election fever is heating up in Canada. I’ve seen a lot of rhetoric for all of the parties. But this one has to be one of the better ones!

Oh Canada! – a new anthem for a new day from missjdub on Vimeo.