An Interview with Namjoo

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A few weeks ago I went to Toronto to see Mohsen Namjoo in Toronto. I had a fantastic time, and enjoyed his work. But what got me into listening to his music was his views on Iranian music an its evolution. The day after the concert he held a question and answer session where he gave his opinions on music. It is worth a listen:


The original source is : Radio Zamaaneh

In the meantime, here’s a quick video of the concert

Kamkar Ensemble in Montreal

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A fantastic concert, took me to another world! I took some video (poor quality):

And here’s a an older video of them I found on YouTube

Namjoo in the basement | نامجو در زیرزمین

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Qarabaq Şikəstəsi

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A performance during a get-together in Toronto March 2008. Follow the link to see the video.