Website work

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I worked on the website a while back and tried to incorporate a database with dynamic scripting, but never got to the final step. I had some problems importing the old data, and I need to fix that. On the other hand, the rest of it very close to being done so I will soon update the site with the changes.

I wanted to add a feature where I could update the site from a script using a mobile phone or something like that, and welcome my site to the “Web 2.0” age. But now that I’m not travelling anymore I don’t know if it’s still needed…. any advice?

Website Code

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I’ve been dabbling in mysql and php, so that I can bring my website into the modern age. I’ve had some success and in the process also managed to put my code onto subversion. It’s still a work in progress, but the good news is that I’m very close to finishing. Once I’m done I will post a detailed overview of things. ( not that anyone cares! )


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Oh, and I finally found the runaway tag that was messing up the display of the archive section. Joy!