Food and the need for a colorscheme

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Schwartz's Store Front

Recently, I was in Montreal and one evening we were considering what to eat. Being the guest of honour, I got to pick the food and after a long contemplation I decided that the best bet was to eat something hearty. Something wholesome and very uncomplicated. So we walked over to Schwartz’s Deli, and what a meal! This places and other places like it are why I am addicted to eating!

And the order ?

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Website port is now finished

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I have finally managed to port over my site from the custom code that I had to WordPress engine. I was lucky enough to have put all the content into database previously when I had started to dabble with PHP+MySQL and so it took me no time to transfer it over to this new engine.

The only time consuming work was picking the right user interface and colorscheme for the site! All the sub-pages of the old site still need to be moved over, but the blog is now completely finished.

Great Success!

Site under construction

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Sorry for the inconvenience folks. We’re re-designing the site.