Night Cap – December 17, 2008

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After buying an espresso machine recently, I thought I was all set for my caffeine fix. But I realized today that the other half of the equation is the grind otherwise you just can’t make good espresso. I got some stuff from a cafe nearby and the difference from the stuff I bought last week is like night and day!

Night Cap – December 15, 2008

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This morning I woke up to the same story as the past few days. Dead car battery, and the cold. And I followed my routine of hooking up the autostarter and giving the car some juice.
battery problems
Well, it turns out that the problem is just lousy batteries that the manufacturer put in the cars. People are having problems with them at around the same mileage that I have! Anyway, that’s how the day started.

Rest of the day went on as normal (read: boring)

Final act of the day:

note: This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I forgot to do so.

Food and the need for a colorscheme

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Schwartz's Store Front

Recently, I was in Montreal and one evening we were considering what to eat. Being the guest of honour, I got to pick the food and after a long contemplation I decided that the best bet was to eat something hearty. Something wholesome and very uncomplicated. So we walked over to Schwartz’s Deli, and what a meal! This places and other places like it are why I am addicted to eating!

And the order ?

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