Winter is here!

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white bum
This is what your car will look like after you’ve driven for 3 hours in a snow storm.
But if you’re like me, you probably enjoyed most of the drive!

Night Cap – December 16, 2008

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Following my problems with the battery, I bought a new battery and went about installing it. Here are the simple steps (that took me about 45 minutes to complete):

  1. disconnect the current battery
  2. unmount the current battery
  3. mount the new battery
  4. connect the new one

And now: Car 1 – Khosrow 1

update: here are some links where other people have chronicled similar battery problems they were having.

Gallery: Replacing Car Battey
the new batterynew and old battery side by sideempty battery housingnew battery in its new house

Driving On Country Roads

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twisities on the road
The other day I was driving back from a weekend trip. I decided to take a less traveled road, a highway that is only 2 lanes and goes through many small towns. About an hour (or maybe less) into the drive, I felt guilty. In an age when everyone is saying the evils of driving gasoline-powered cars, and the concern for the environment is at an all time high I was actually enjoying the drive! There was no one but me on the road, and I was taking in the beautiful scenery as well as the twists on the road. I felt like I understood the purpose of driving wasn’t to get from

At the end of the trip I took about 20 minutes longer to reach my destination and to ease my conscience, the total distance traveled was less than if had taken the main highways!