Making money in the age of internet

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I was having a chat with someone who is by no means a tech-savvy person. She had heard of google adsense and that someone she knew was making about a $100 a month from it. She wondered how she could do it. That got me thinking, why can’t I?

I was going to write about the dot-com bubble of 2000 or its second coming, but that’s for a later day. I would need to do some serious reading before I can speak on the subject.

To me, the creation of websites these days and the know-how related to it is similar to mechanical know-how. A better example would be the ability to write. Today most people know how to write in the developed world. But not everyone becomes a writer, or journalist. That requires a certain level of creativeness and style, and that’s what separates the good writers from the rest. Similarly there are a large number of people these days that have the technical ability to create websites – in fact, it’s very easy to learn. But the defining factor here is the ability to create content that’s useful. Things that people will come back to.

Ironically, that’s one of my main issues with the new content providers. They are all non-techies, journalism students and arts majors! Are the geeks doomed to be at the mercy of another class for their livelihood?