Social Media is dead!

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Recently I was thinking about the pervalence of social media sites. I am of the opinion that they are the reality TV of the internet technology. In the sense that there’s no great innovation behind them. There’s no real renaissance that’s happening. Only a re-packaging of existing material. Reading this article on Startup North I find myself agreeing with him. The fact of the matter is that in the end social media is merely a platform for the lazy.
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The Eternal Student

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ClassroomA while ago, we had a discussion over dinner about the merits of higher education. I was trying my best to argue against non-functional and non-essential education: getting a Masters degree just for the sake of getting one, and so on. From the length of the conversation, it appears I wasn’t very successful at convincing everyone else about my position. A couple of nights ago I came across this passage

When a society is rich, its people don’t need to work with their hands; they can devote themselves to activities of the spirit. We have more and more universities and more and more students. If students are going to earn degrees, they’ve got to come up with dissertation topics. And since dissertations can be written about everything under the sun, the number of topics is infinite. Sheets of paper covered with words pile up in archives sadder than cemeteries…[1]

  1. The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Making money in the age of internet

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I was having a chat with someone who is by no means a tech-savvy person. She had heard of google adsense and that someone she knew was making about a $100 a month from it. She wondered how she could do it. That got me thinking, why can’t I?

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